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What is Chakras Healing?

Chakras Healing combines breathing, energy, and healing practices to originate a Kundalini experience and connect us with the life force energy Prana or Chi. This energy flow is essential for physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. It is a dynamic process that activates our parasympathetic nervous system, strengthens our vagus nerve, and allows us to connect with our energetic body, liberating our sexual, creative, and life-force energies by removing any blocks or armors within our bodies.

Once considered an esoteric experience, it was considered a path toward expanded consciousness and a method to reach profound states of bliss. It is a practice passed down for centuries by Eastern energy masters and shamans and supported by various scientific studies since the 1930s, revealing an energy system within the human body.

An energy block or armor is described as a traumatic or emotional experience in which our emotional and physical bodies are exhausted and not fully integrated. Instead, these become stored in our physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. This stored armor places great stress on our nervous system, especially the vagus nerve. It can hinder the flow of our life force or sexual energy, our ability to connect from the heart, and how we show up in the world and relate to others.

Chakras Healing is a holistic & integrative therapy that prepares the body for de-armoring by generating an induced Kundalini experience by initiating, circulating, and transmuting the chi energy thru a combination of breathwork, massages, tantric and energetic practices. Chakras Healing helps to balance the body’s energy centers by increasing the flow of ultra-high energy, helping the body heal from the inside out, and addressing the underlying cause of symptoms.

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Volkan Rakin

Volkan Rakin (Vol) has 20 years of hands-on experience in alternative health practices including energy healing, tantra, chakras, and various forms of massages. He was initiated by lineage guru Dr. Vinay Sharma, a disciple of Dr. P J Saher, father of Zen-Yoga. He trained under the personal guidance of various masters from the India, Tibet, Nepal, Philippines and Africa, as a humble student and servant. As well, as many leading modern practitioners.

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